Yamaha F350AETX

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Designed for heavy duty work on large marine boats Yamaha F350 volume of 5.3 liters is a confident leader thanks to its technology. This four-stroke outboard motor V8 combines impressive power and torque with honed performance that meets today’s requirements for smooth running of high-tech vessels.
Yamaha EFI electronic fuel injection system provides increased environmental friendliness and maximum fuel efficiency at any power. Thanks to the PrimeStart system, starting the motor is as easy as starting the car, and the digital electronic control technology allows precise control of the motor.

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Engine type 4-stroke
The working volume 5330 cm3
Number of cylinders / configuration 60°-V8, 32-valve, DOHC with VCT
Cylinder diameter x piston stroke 94,0 x 96,0 mm
Power on the screw shaft in the middle speed range 257.4 кВт / 5 500 rpm
The range of the gas 5,000 – 6,000 rpm
Wet crankcase lubrication system
Fuel system (EFI)
Ignition / extra Transistor system TCI/micro-computer
Electrical start-up system Electric
Gear ratio 1,73 (26/15)
Recommended height of the transom of the vessel X:635 мм U:762мм
Weight with screw F350AETX: 370.0 kg, FL350AETX: 370.0 kg, F350AETU: 378.0 kg, FL350AETU: 378.0 kg
Oil sump capacity 6.3 l
Steering Steering Remote control
Control of fuel supply and gear shifting Digital electronic remote control, Digital network II
Method of changing the trim and slope Electric drive
Ignition coil/alternator 12V – 49A
Number of screw options Option


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