Mercury F60 ELPT EFI

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4-stroke motors Mercury are long-time leaders among the outboard motors according to parameters such as environmental friendliness, silent operation and efficiency, is now their lead even larger.
Our engineers have implemented in engines a new gearbox design, which provides easier shifting. We have improved the accuracy of the control mechanism Broseley damper for smoother operation of the motor at low speeds. In addition, all four-stroke engines with capacity 40-60 HP has found a new style, graphics, lock system hood and more!
Motors with a capacity of 40-60 HP available models of gearboxes Standard and Command Thrust.
Four-stroke Mercury motors with capacity 40-60 HP have many of the characteristics that you will not find in other engines. Characteristics that make your swimming a real pleasure..


Thanks to electronic fuel injection, Mercury motors with capacity 40-60 HP start simple turn of the key, possess more power, better fuel consumption and amazing reliability.

On the motors 40-60 HP equipped with SmartCraft, the control function allows you to set the trolling motor at the minimum speed (700 rpm) for fishing or trolling for traffic inside the Parking lots for boats.

Model four-stroke engines with a capacity of 40-60 HP fuel consume 40% less than the carbureted two-stroke motors and up to 20% less than two-stroke motors with direct fuel injection.

PEACE of mind 
PROTECTION ENGINE uses more than 40 sensors to monitor your motor. Proactive when the system detects a possible problem, such as exceeding the maximum allowable engine speed, engine overheating or low oil pressure, engine protection system triggers an alarm and automatically resets the speed to avoid damage.

New system of PRECISE CONTROL BROSELEY DAMPER allows you to easily and accurately shift gears to better control the boat.


Power 60 hp (44,13 kw)
Dry motor weight 112 kg
Revolutions per minute (RPM)


Displacement 995 cc
Arrangement of cylinders Integrated
Number of cylinders 4
Starting Electric
Alternator 226 watt
Gas distribution system

2-valve single overhead cam design

The order of gear shift Forward (F) – Neutral (N) – Reverse (R)
Gear ratio



Remote – Big tiller optional

Recommended type of transom for boats 508 mm
Maximum fuel tank capacity 25 l
Fuel system EFI
Fuel type Petrol
Recommended fuel

Unleaded 90 RON min.

SmartCraft Yes
Motor type 4-stroke motors


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