Mercury F100 EXLPT EFI

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Thanks to the innovation of Mercury, You can now use a lighter, more compact FourStroke motor that provides improved performance, fuel economy and unrivaled reliability compared to previous models 80-115 HP

More displacement / less weight

These four-stroke outboard engines have a working volume of 2.1 liters, which allows them to work smarter – but not more, which means increased reliability and longer life, not to mention a higher starting speed, incredible acceleration and an impressive top speed.

Peace and quiet

The reduced noise and vibration thanks to the carefully sealed cap with termofikacine; muffler with the issue of idling, which utilizes an acoustic filter to reduce high-frequency exhaust sound; a new smooth clutch design; and system exclusive directional installation Focused Mount System from Mercury.

Simple maintenance

A fuel filter replacement is performed without tools and can be completed in less than a minute. A QR code allows you to access your smartphone videos with helpful instructions. And thanks to maintenance-free the valve mechanism of Mercury you will never need to perform a costly procedure to adjust the valve clearances.

Fuel efficiency

Less weight combined with a large working volume that allows these four-stroke outboard engines achieve maximum fuel efficiency, especially at cruising speeds. Special metal scrapers and bearings reduce friction at the crankshaft, which also leads to a reduction of fuel consumption.


Power 100 hp (73,55 kw)
Dry motor weight 163 kg
Revolutions per minute (RPM) 5000-6000
Displacement 2064 cc
Arrangement of cylinders Integrated
Number of cylinders 4
Starting Electric
Alternator 441 watt
Gas distribution system 8-valve, SOHC
The order of gear shift Forward (F) – Neutral (N) – Reverse (R)
Gear ratio 2.07:1

Remote or Big Tiller kit

Recommended type of transom for boats 508 mm (L) – 635 mm (XL)
Fuel system EFI
Fuel type Petrol
Recommended fuel Unleaded 90 RON min.
SmartCraft Yes
Double-circuit cooling system Unavailable
Motor type 4-stroke motors
Type of generator Fully regulated Belt-Driven


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