Mercury F 150 L EFI

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The task of our engineers was to design and create the most reliable 150 — horsepower four-stroke outboard motor in history. They started with a powerful three-liter engine, capable of producing over 250 HP and left only 150. By doing this, they increased the service life of the cylinder. Add to that the largest engine in its class, reliable gearbox and nearly 10,000 hours of testing, add to this a five-year warranty* and You will understand why the engineers made.

Perfect motor

Compact and lightweight 150 — HP FourStroke from Mercury can be installed on a narrow boat transoms, as during transportation of the boat every kilogram counts. On a FourStroke 150, you can easily use with mechanical or hydraulic controls, cable control and a full set of equipment.

No worries
Work less, do more. Sounds good? That’s the beauty of a 150 — HP Mercury FourStroke. With a volume of 3 liters, this four-cylinder engine with overhead shaft works less to produce more torque and power, which guarantees outstanding durability and Your peace of mind.

Less time in the store
FourStroke 150 looks like with the fairing, and without it, providing easy access to the engine for basic maintenance. Add to this a system where when changing the oil will not spill a single drop, and today You get the motor, which is easiest to care for.

Easy gait
Usually the larger the engine capacity, the greater the weight. However, this will not tell you about the 150 — HP FourStroke. It is the lightest motor in its class, which is great to give the old boat a new life and to equip new boats.


Power 150 hp (110,33 kw)
Dry motor weight 206 kg
Displacement 3000 cc
Arrangement of cylinders Integrated
Number of cylinders 4
Starting Electric
Alternator 756 watt
The order of gear shift Forward (F) – Neutral (N) – Reverse (R)
Gear ratio 1.92:1

Remote – BTO (Big Tiller optional)

Fuel system EFI
Fuel type Petrol
Recommended fuel UL90R
SmartCraft Yes
Double-circuit cooling system Unavailable
Left rotation of the propeller shaft Available with models only XL
Motor type 4-stroke motors


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