180 000 



cat-mot Power of the suspended motor is up to 30 HP

cat-dlinaLength 8540 mm
cat-shirWidth 1400 mm
cat-vysHeight 540 mm
cat-pasPassenger capacity 10 persons
cat-gruzLoading capacity 2000 kg
cat-motWeight without motor 250 kg
cat-vysHeight of tranets S (381 mm)


BUDARKA DELTA – one more remarkable swimming means which will satisfy taste of the most exacting fisherman.

This boat is also made of light composite materials. It is good to use her for trade hunting and fishing on the rivers, coastal zones of the rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Loading capacity of the boat is up to 2000 kg.

This vessel has strong stiffening ribs in the form of buoys on all board which are also buoyancy tanks. Two additional compartments of safety (buoyancy) are also provided in the boat. Thanks to these qualities the boat is literally unsinkable. Secure yourself – travel on reliable BUDARKA DELTA!

Seats are compartments which allow to keep your things dry. The design of the boat has provided her operation with the suspended motor to 30 HP and also high road performance, both forward, and back, even is provided at full load of the vessel. The boat provides various options of installation of partitions in the boat which are used as a stiffening rib and also are used for sorting of fish.

Besides, BUDARKA DELTA distinguishes its mechanically resistant covering of the case: it is possible to operate the boat several years without “seasonal” sub paint. The surface is steady against ultraviolet — later time of BUDARKA DELTA continues to look as new! And convenient internal configuration will allow to be in the boat a long time that is important on fishing or hunting.

Get BUDARKA DELTA and your travel on fishing and hunting forever will become unforgettable!


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