104 000 



cat-motPower of the suspended motor is 30 — 50 HP

cat-dlinaLength 4700 mm
cat-shirWidth 1450 mm
cat-vysHeight 600 mm
cat-pasPassenger capacity 5 persons
cat-gruzLoading capacity 500 kg
cat-motWeight without motor 150 kg
cat-vysHeight of tranets S (381 mm)


The fiberglass boat DELTA 470 is created in the spirit of the Russian traditions – it unites in itself convenience in operation and absolute comfort for passengers.

This boat is an ideal alternative to domestic boats of “Cauldron” and “Crimea”. The main advantage of DELTA 470 is its magnificent road performance. Besides, DELTA 470 is much easier and more comfortable than the analogs.

Control of the vessel is exercised from the standard dashboard.

The boat is safe: he has buoyancy tanks in seats and buoys on boards. It provides impossibility of flooding: he won’t drown even at full filling with water!
The boat DELTA 470 is the embodiment of convenience. It is equipped with two seats in the middle. In the boat is anchor and additional cut for warehousing in a nasal part and also a fodder compartment.

Bring together all friends in one boat — thanks to existence of exclusively wide cockpit, in DELTA 470 about five people can go in!

Thanks to everything listed, DELTA 470 is simply ideal for fishing. Besides, this very strong swimming means which will serve to you long.

Choose DELTA 470 and enjoy travel and rest, more than ever earlier!


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