180 000 



cat-motPower of the suspended motor is 40 — 60 HP

cat-dlinaLength 4400 mm
cat-shirWidth 1960 mm
cat-vysHeight 850 mm
cat-pasPassenger capacity 5 persons
cat-gruzLoading capacity 500 kg
cat-motWeight without motor 220 kg
cat-vys Height of tranets L (508 mm)


The boat DELTA 440 is the comfortable seaworthy vessel made of fiberglass. The boat is ideal as for short walks and water skiing, and for long travel.

Onboard DELTA 440 the open cockpit in all length is equipped, there are soft sofas in a nose and a stern, the possibility of towing of the water skier is provided. Is there anything else you might need for a good rest on the beach?

The nasal sofa represents a big plank bed for acceptance of solar bathtubs. And also the convenient place for installation of a seat, for comfortable fishing. From a cockpit to a nasal sofa easy access is provided – you shouldn’t limit yourself in movements!

Take with yourself all friends or all family — in such boat with comfort 5 people can accommodate at once! Besides, DELTA 440 has aft compartment in which it is convenient to store baggage.

Moreover: you can choose any color of the case of the boat on the discretion! Express the identity together with DELTA 440.

DELTA 440 – the ideal boat for summer holiday with family or friends. Order now!


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