100 000 



cat-mot Power of the suspended motor is 5 HP

cat-dlinaLength 4260 mm
cat-shirWidth 1500 mm
cat-vysHeight 460 mm
cat-pasPassenger capacity 4 persons
cat-gruzLoading capacity 400 kg
cat-motWeight without motor 78 kg
cat-vysHeight of tranets S (381 mm)


The fiberglass boat DELTA 430 is very light rowboat which will be ideal for family rest.

Such boat is ideal for tourism, walks, hunting and fishing on the rivers. It is good to use her in coastal zones of the rivers, lakes, reservoirs, at a quiet condition of water.

The boat is equipped with the buoyancy tanks located between the lower deck and the top semi-deck. It provides impossibility of flooding: she won’t drown even at full filling with water!

Also DELTA 430 can be used with the suspended motor to 5 HP. Seize this opportunity to have a rest after the long travel – just turn on the motor and enjoy the movement!

DELTA 430 is for those who look for the special boat for interesting travel!


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