92 000 



cat-motPower of the suspended motor is up to 25 HP

cat-dlinaLength 3600 mm
cat-shirWidth 1450 mm
cat-vysHeight 600 mm
cat-pasPassenger capacity 4 persons
cat-gruz Loading capacity 400 kg
cat-motWeight without motor 90 kg
cat-vysHeight of tranets S (381 mm)


The fiberglass boat DELTA 360 – one more model which perfectly will suit fans of fishing and hunting. It is made of light composite materials and differs in ease and compactness.

Such boat is ideal for travel on the rivers and also in coastal zones of the rivers, lakes or reservoirs. Use DELTA 360 for tourism, walks, hunting and fishing – any problems!

The design of the boat has provided operation her with the suspended motor with power up to 25 HP so you will be able always to sweep with a breeze! DELTA 360 has buoyancy tanks in seats. It ensures safety at a possibility of flooding: the boat won’t drown even at full filling with her water.

Convenient internal configuration allows to be in the boat a long time that is important on fishing or hunting. DELTA 360 can be also completed with a windshield and the dashboard on which it is possible to establish a steering wheel for remote control of the motor.

In a nasal part the locked compartment with a reliable cover is located. Capacious compartments will allow to hide a large number of things from splashes and a rain. Thanks to DELTA 360 you can take with yourself everything that is necessary on fishing. Order now!


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