57 000 



cat-motPower of the suspended motor is up to 5 HP

cat-dlinaLength 2980 mm
cat-shirWidth 1150 mm
cat-vysHeight 470 mm
cat-pasPassenger capacity 2 persons
cat-gruzLoading capacity 200 kg
cat-motWeight without motor 50 kg
cat-vysHeight of tranets S (381 mm)


The DELTA 300 is a very light composite product that is ideal for gamers.

This boat is good for tourism, walking, hunting and fishing on the rivers. It is good to use in the coastal zones of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, where the wave height can reach 0.5 m. The boat is safe: it has buoyancy tanks in the seats and buoys on the sides. This ensures the impossibility of flooding: it will not sink even when fully filled with water!

The design of the boat consists of two fiberglass parts, hermetically interconnected; this gives it increased rigidity. Especially the DELTA 300 will be interesting for game hunters – such a boat can easily pass through thickets of reeds without damaging the robust hull.

The boat can also be used to move over long distances – the design provides for its operation with an outboard motor with a capacity of up to 5 HP.

This boat is easy to operate and easy to operate. Only two people are enough to carry it, and both of them will then be able to sit comfortably in it. This boat is just perfect to go fishing or hunting together with a friend! The DELTA 300 is very light and compact; no special tools are needed to transport it. You can easily carry it on the trunk of a regular car.

In the standard DELTA 300, everything is already provided for launching. And this means that you can enjoy water travel from the very day of purchase!


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