DELTA 84180А

62 000 


cat-dlinaLength 5100 mm
cat-shirWidth 2030 mm
cat-vysHeight 700 mm
cat-gruzThe admissible full mass of the trailer 750 kg
cat-gruzThe mass of the equipped trailer 250 kg
cat-gruzThe mass of the transported freight 500 kg


DELTA 84180A – the automobile trailer for transportation of such swimming means, as boats, hydrocycles, boats, kayaks, water scooters and other. Loading capacity of model is 500 kg that grants the right with ease to carry this equipment to number of “heavyweights”, but only not by criterion of own weight. The weight of the trailer is only 250 kg — a little for the equipment of this configuration and opportunities. Relevant advantage which will be estimated for certain by the Russian consumers is an existence of the spring pendant allowing to operate this equipment on roads with any quality of a covering. DELTA 84180A – reliable “fellow traveler” even on off road terrain!


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