DELTA 84180

51 700 


cat-dlinaLength 5100 mm
cat-shirWidth 1730 mm
cat-vysHeight 700 mm
cat-gruzThe admissible full mass of the trailer 450 kg
cat-gruzThe mass of the equipped trailer 150 kg
cat-gruzThe mass of the transported freight 300 kg


DELTA 84180 – the trailer for transportation of boats and boats intended for freights up to 300 kg. The model is made from metal, has a corrosion-resistant coating thanks to which the trailer serves long at any atmospheric influences. The design of a product excludes damage and causing defects of the transported equipment, provides stability and density of fixing of the watercraft. Experts refer reliability, not complication in operation to advantages of the presented model, durability. The DELTA 84180 trailer is in demand thanks to a successful combination of high technical characteristics and favorable cost.


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